NAMM 2017 – Welcome the PEAVEY INVECTIVE: MISHA MANSOOR Announces Signature Amp & Cab

How “chill” is your landlord? Will she/he give you the, “It’s all good, take your time bossman,” when you blow next month’s rent on a Peavey Invective? If you answered “no” to the latter, it’s probably time to find a new place to live.


NAMM 2017 marks the introduction of the Peavey Invective. Misha Mansoor and Peavey spent a solid 3 years collaborating on this signature amplifier and cabinet set, and now you have to buy it. You didn’t know you needed it, but you do. It’s a feature-rich amp for the modern player that promises to become your next go-to for anything and everything metal (but it’s got wicked cleans, just in case).

You can learn more about this beast in Misha’s unveiling below. Bookmark the Peavey page too for future fapping.

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