NAMM 2015 – KRAMER – Satchel (Steel Panther) Signature Model

I saw Steel Panther perform at NAMM, which means that I also saw boobs. I was unprepared for this event, but apparently this is a common occurrence at their concerts, and after seeing the show they put on, I’m not surprised. I think it may have also had something to do with the way their guitarist, Satchel, can pretty much play and/or talk a girl’s clothes off, on or off stage.


His weapon of choice for this feat is a modern take on a classic axe, the Kramer Pacer. The main differences, according the the rep in the video below, are the oil finish on the neck, and a 9.5″ radius on the fretboard. Oh yah, and an absurd leopard print finish in yellow or purple. Only the tackiest for the silliest band in metal.

Check out this guitar and other new stuff from Kramer in the video below.

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  • Too bad Kramer hasn’t given ANYONE an ounce of information about pricing or availability. Hell, they can’t even update their website in a timely manner. They still have contests on their from last October. What a poorly run company. People are dying to get their hands on a Satchel sig and everyone has been left hanging in the wind.

    • Why are you so angry at the world?

  • Ordered a purple a year ago through a sweet h2o musical supply co. Was told it would be available by end of May or June, and it was postponed until end of December. They called today and the guitars are expected to be delivered end of January 2017. Do they need to shoot some more purple leopards in order to do the finish just right?

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