IGORRR Reveals AMAZING New Song And Video: “Very Noise”

French musician (and perhaps psychopath) Gautier Serre – AKA IGORRR – has blessed us all again with the weirdest shit ever in the new song/video, “Very Noise.” Although Serre collaborates with many musicians within IGORRR, he is the mastermind behind the schizophrenic music.


Take a gander at this music video, and then tell me that wasn’t the closest you’ve gotten to a CLIMAX. I mean, it’s IGORRR. What did you expect?

“This is the worst and best thing I’ve ever seen”

Some Guy On YouTube

If you’re into metal, electronica, meat, airplanes, and Primus, then you’ll love this. Follow IGORRR on Twitter. You’re welcome.

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