Tera Melos Teach You How To Make Weird Guitar Sounds

I’m not too familiar with the band Tera Melos, other than that they have some metal cred, having toured with Vattnet Viskar and the Dillinger Escape Plan. But I’m definitely curious to check out their music after watching the below clip from Reverb, in which guitarist Nick Reinhart shows off how he uses some of the nicest pedals being made today by Earthquaker Devices for completely different purposes than they were intended for.


In this video, Nick is using four Earthquaker pedals: the Organizer, the Tentacle, the Rainbow Machine, and the Bit Commander. It’s stuff like this that makes me excited for (one part of) the future of the electric guitar – there are still people experimenting with the tonality and capacity of the instrument in the same way that guys like Robert Fripp and Jimi Hendrix did.

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