ADAM NEELY Breaks Down How You Can Play With DRUNK Feel


One of the smartest musicians we know, Adam Neely, just made this wonderful lesson video explaining how to play music with a drunk “lopsided drunken groove“. You may be unaware of what this means, but have most likely heard this kind of rhythmic style in modern hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music at some point (cue the lo-fi chill beats for studying music). Either way, this video answered a lot of my personal questions about a phenomenon that I had become accustomed to hearing but was never really explained fully. Check it out!

In the video, Neely also references his new project Sungazer; an electrojazz duo consisting of himself and drummer Shawn Crowder. Their new EP is on its way, and the music they’ve released so far is some of the sickest we’ve heard in a while, so be sure to check out their live performance of their song “Drunk” below!

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