Smashing Pumpkins’ BILLY CORGAN Talks About The New Op Amp BIG MUFF


Alternative rock icon Bill Corgan knows what he likes. And he likes the Op Amp Big Muff. The legendary fuzz pedal from Electro Harmonix defined the sound of the Smashing Pumpkins album Siamese Dream, and in this video from Reverb, Billy talks about his history with the Muff.

Billy goes through how he first found the Muff pedal to begin with, how it caused nightmares during recording, and how to dial in the perfect tone for the thing. He also talks about the differences between the old and newer models. The interview is also mixed in with video of Corgan using the pedal with different settings and guitars so you can get a scope for the sounds it can make. It’s a cool insight that sort of goes back in time to a place where he was still figuring out what the hell he was working with.

The Op Amp Big Muff reissue’s info and specs can be found here.

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