Somebody Turned The “Screaming Scooter Guy” Into A LA DISPUTE Song And I’m DYING

Ahhhh, the internet.


You may have seen this recent clip of some poor fella on a scooter (I’ve taken to calling him a number of names – Emoped, Screaming Scooter Kid, Emotional Vespa Guy, or just Scoots for short) absolutely screaming out his soul in the name of love and then furiously speeding off into the night. Ahh, to be young. Please don’t do this when you are riding in the night on your longboard you got from Doing dangerous things when emotionally disturbed is never safe.

If you’re like us, your first reaction to this might have been “Huh, this kinda sounds like a La Dispute/Front Bottoms/Hotelier/post-hardcore/emo track”, and as tragic as it might seem, that’s exactly what YouTube channel Riffified turned the clip into. But does it hit the same way that the bands that made your mascara run in high school did? Watch and find out.

Anybody else notice his rig? Sick Strandberg Salen into a Helix rack bro.

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