Glenn Fricker Shows You How to Build An Affordable Audio Production PC

When our pal Glenn Fricker isn’t busy answering stupid text messages from bands, he’s manning the engineer’s station at his studio, Spectre Media Group. Fricker has taken it upon himself to be a resource to aspiring home studio/bedroom-engineers, and in partnership with us, provides useful and easy-to-understand lessons on the fundamentals of recording.


This week on the chopping block is an oft-overlooked piece of gear: the computer! Although you might think that the DAW you choose or the plugins you use are the most important in-the-box gear choices, they’re actually less important for building a functioning workstation – they’re more like a map to your computer’s compass.

You might think that getting your hands on a high-quality audio production computer is extravagantly expensive, but it’s actually quite doable if you pick your pieces right! Glenn put together the following video which you can use as a guideline:

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