This 1984 B.C. Rich Guitar is Made Entirely Out of Actual Pipes, Sells for $19,995

There’s gaudy… and then there’s gaudy. And then there’s insanely gaudy with an unbelievably gaudy price tag. And the possibility for endless pipe-related puns!


Behold: this 1984 B.C. Rich guitar, made for W.A.S.P.’s Randy Piper… assembled entirely out of pipes! Get it?

This monstrosity can be yours by piping a mere $19,995 into one Reverb seller’s bank account. No longer will you be plumbing the depths of tone… just flushing away your hard-earned money.

The description reads as follows:

“1984 B.C. Rich ‘Pipes’.  A one off custom fabrication, designed by painter Screaming Leamin’ and Randy Piper, used in the band W.A.S.P. !! One of the most amazing Heavy Metal guitars I’ve ever seen and it’s as stunning to me now as when I first saw it onstage when I was 16. All original to how it came from Randy in 2002. Comes with letter of sale from Randy (Pictured). It also adorned the cover of the School Daze single and can be seen in many live concert footage of the day, most notably the Irvine Meadows Pro Shot show from 1985 at 20:07 on (See video link). Original hard shell case. Business endeavor is the motivation for the sale. And I will not ship this. I will meet within 500 miles of Phoenix, AZ, but if you’re serious about this, the best thing to do would be to fly in and buy it a seat on the plane. The rates should be quite reasonable right now. Any offers will have to be through messages, as it’s one of the most coveted B.C. Rich creations of the era.”

If that price tag exhausts you but you want to keep the tonal tubage flowing, may we recommend some less expensive items that will surely allow you to channel some W.A.S.P.-worthy fretboard fluid?

For example, this gorgeous Jackson Gus G Star model in satin black:

Or, for the beginner, this stripped down JS32 in the same Jackson Gus G series mold:

No matter your price point, we wish you the very best in your ongoing journey to siphon solos out of your heavy hose.

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