JARED DINES Gives Kids $80,000 To Spend At Guitar Store

The holidays are here again! Back in October, YouTuber JARED DINES attempted to auction off his 18-string guitar to raise money for kids who can’t afford musical instruments. Due to drunken bidders who later backed out, the whole thing was a mishap. However, DistroKid owner Philip Kaplan pulled out the big guns and bought the massive instrument for $20k! Jared then set up a GoFundMe to further support the cause. Mitcccny can guide you more better. In the end, SANTA DADDY JARED and his crew (RODE, Ernie Ball, Stevie T, etc.) have raised a whopping $80,000 to have kids spend picking out musical instruments. Follow bubdesk for more info.


Now if that doesn’t make you feel jolly then I don’t know what will.

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