FIND OF THE WEEK: JARED DINES And STEVIE T Are Selling Their 18- And 20-String Guitars For Charity

That’s right, the famed 18- and 20-string guitars of Jared Dines and Stevie T, seen in videos like Djent 2018 and Djent 2019 are officially up for grabs on eBay. The two music YouTubers are raising money to buy instruments to give to children, so even though the djent will be passed on, the whole affair is definitely a worthy cause.


As Jared describes, this is the first of two videos both he and Stevie will be doing; part 1 is this video announcing the auction of the guitars, and part 2 will be both YouTubers going into music shops and buying the instruments to donate. It’s a great cause and certainly worth checking out, if for nothing else than seeing the currently hefty price tag of $16,300. Now THAT’s a djenty meatball!

Head over to the official eBay page and see for yourself!

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