Question Your Existence While Watching an Exclusive “The Quest For Non Existence” DEFEATED SANITY Guitar Playthrough by FOUNTAINHEAD


When we last left our front running candidate of “Overall Guitar Hero Who Will Save Us All” Tom Geldschläger, he casually smashed Obscura’s “Akroasis” in one near flawless take. No big deal. I do that every afternoon, right between growing beards and eating hot food. What else you got, Tom Boy? Turns out, it’s this mammoth: A Gear Gods exclusive guitar playthrough of Defeated Sanity’s “The Quest For Non Existence”.

I’ve never seen a player quite like Tom. He’s technical on an almost scary level. He does things that I could never even think of trying, and while he’s doing them, he’s looking around the room like he’s trying to name everything he sees while playing. Tom doesn’t need to think about what he’s doing, everything is just business as usual. But don’t take that to mean that he’s phoning it in. No phones allowed in this thing, the solo at 3:27 is enough to stop those rumors.

For more things Tom, check out his YouTube channel FountainheadTV. He’s always slapping some new musical wizardry together on there. Also find him on Facebook for updates on releases he’s involved with (He’s got a new one due out in 2018!). Tom will be at the top of the guitarist’s tower in no time, thwarting all who stand in his way until only he and God remain. And God will be shitting himself.

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Writer with a degree in Recording Technology. Nothing about my background gives me the credibility to relay any of this information to you. But here we are.

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  • Sic…
    Insane riffage..
    Organized chaos…..
    Fkn love it…

  • He has to be some sort of musical savant. The real challenging aspect of a playthrough like this is that is HAS to be played note for note correct. With a song like this, it’s a monumental task. It takes uncommon abnormal memory.

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