FOUNTAINHEAD One-Shots This Playthrough of OBSCURA’s “Akroasis”


Nowadays, there are tons of ways to shoot and record a playthrough of a song. For instance, many artists choose to include lots of fast cuts and fancy editing to show off their skills, which is usually pretty awesome. On the other hand, some choose a more straightforward approach which can work equally well, if not better. Enter Tom ‘Fountainhead’ Geldschläger (Fountainhead, ex-Obscura). With machine-like accuracy and an insane amount of focus, Tom manages to perform the track “Akróasis” from Obscura’s 2016 album of the same name, in one solid take. That’s right, no cuts, no dubbing, just one man, one guitar, one take.

If you’re familiar with Obscura’s music (you can get started here if you’re not), you probably know that their songs are no small feat. Despite looking like his fingers are going to burst into flames at any second, Tom slays this track flawlessly. Even through the barrage of notes, tricky string-skipping sections, and insane arpeggiations, the guy stays on course and doesn’t miss a beat. All this, just in a single take. As Tom states in the video’s description “I deliberately chose a take that’s not 100% perfect for this, but which felt right”. Okay, now that might be the most modest thing we’ve heard, since he completely fooled us with how well he played. Talk about humble!

For more things Fountainhead, you can check out Tom’s newest record Reverse Engineering on his Bandcamp page, as well as follow him on Facebook. To keep up to date with Obscura, get at their Facebook too, and catch them on the 2018 edition of 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise!

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