METALLICA’S “Frantic” Covered on Drums With Trashcan Lid For A Snare

While Metallica is re-releasing some of their most beloved albums, fans have been covering and re-imagining their own versions of songs. But one fan didn’t change a thing.


Cameron Fleury decided to be 100% faithful in his cover of “Frantic” from St. Anger. Lars Ulrich’s snare choice for that album is notorious and some would say it sounds like clanging pots and pans. Maybe even a little – trashy?

So Cameron went ahead and replaced his snare drum with a metal trashcan lid. The resemblance to the original song is pretty wild.

It’s got a real metallic sound, no?

Check out Cameron’s channel where he has tons more drum videos and lessons. Starting in September, Metallica will be on the road for a worldwide tour.

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  • Its not just the shitty sounding snare, it’s the general drum beat which is the issue (or maybe just the drummer)…..

  • Even lars is better than trash can drummer

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