The BEST Black Friday Deals On Music Gear, All In One Place!

Here it is, folks – the ultimate Black Friday list of deals on music gear. If it’s not here, it’s not that good of a deal!


Before we start, you can see all of Sweetwater’s Black Friday deals here – but we’ve picked out the best ones we could find, AND all the best Black Friday deals from everywhere else right below that! Just start scrolling, there’s something for everyone!

Revv Amps & Pedals

Revv’s pedal series are merciless and based on their incredible Generator series preamps, and this is likely the lowest prices you’ll ever see them for here. With each pedal (the G2, G3, and G4) marked down to $194 from $220, now is for sure your best chance to grab one. Need something to play them through to hear them in the best way possible? They’ve also got a sale on the D20 pedal platform amp, which I heard Delain’s Timo Somers play onstage and it blew my face off.

Bogner Preamp Pedals

The Bogner preamp pedals are also among the most crushing on the market, delivering tones so molten that it’s a wonder they still sell any amps at all. They’re labeled as “overdrive” pedals, but that doesn’t do justice to their true nature – plug one into the effects loop return of your amp to use one of these pedals as it was intended, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a small price to pay to upgrade your amp to a nuke.

ESP LTD Javier Reyes JR-608 – $999

Animals as Leaders’ Javier Reyes is a monstrous guitarist, and his signature JR-608 8-string guitar from ESP/LTD is on deep discount at $999 down from $1599 this week.

Mercuriall Amp Sims – 50% Off EVERYTHING

Super sick amp sims (I LOVE ReAxis for John Petrucci tones), half off.

iZotope Black Friday Bundle only $49

iZotope’s software is absolutely mind-boggling black magic, and their Black Friday bundle includes the Elements Suite (RX Elements, Ozone Elements, Neutron Elements, Nectar Elements), DDLY, Mobius Filter, and Trash 2. A value of $713 – for $49.

STL Tones – 40% Off EVERYTHING

STL Tones make a number of things I use on a daily basis in my videos, including the mighty Tonality Will Putney plugin and the Libra cab IR mixer, and everything they have is 40% off with the code STLBLACKFRIDAY.

LANCASTER AUDIO Cab IRs and Kemper Packs – Up To 85% Off!

Lancaster Audio has the screaminest deals going on for this year’s Black Friday sale, and starting today you can get the most outrageous discounts on the best cab IRs on the market. You don’t need any codes, coupons, special links or anything – it’s all automatic!

The EVERYTHING IR Bundle is the best deal of the bunch at 85% off – that includes every single IR that Lancaster makes, including every producer pack. Individual producer packs, such as the Trey Xavier producer pack of cab IRs, are all 50% off.Individual cab IRs are all 12 for the price of 5, so you can pick and choose to your heart’s content – put 12 in your cart and only pay for 5! And last but not least, all their Kemper profiles and packs are 50% off, including the beastly Trey Xavier pack.

Neural DSP – 30-50% Off All Plugins

This deal gets better the more you buy – 1 – 3 products gets you 30% off, 4 – 6 products gets 40% off, and if you buy all 7 products it’s 50% off!

Soundiron – 30-40% Off All Sample Libraries

Soundiron makes sick orchestral, choral, and fucking weird sound sample libraries, and until Dec 2nd they’re all on sale for between 30-40% off!

Soundtoys Bundle 50% Off!

Soundtoys makes some totally awesome plugins that will help your productions immensely, and, as you might expect from the name, they’re fun as hell – and for Black Friday you can get every one they make in a bundle for $249!

Kiesel Guitars In-Stocks Discounted

All Kiesel in-stock guitars are marked down for Black Friday, so if you’ve been eyeing one on the list, I’d grab it now before someone else does! As someone who owns several, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Toontrack – Up To 80% Off During Black Friday Week

Toontrack have been hosting a plethora of deals throughout the week of Black Friday, and have kept adding more every day! Head to the website to grab the thing you’ve always wanted.

These are just the deals we’ve found so far – keep checking back and we’ll update them as we find more for you!

Sweetwater is having a giveaway throughout all of December – you can enter here and have a chance to win your chunk of $24,000 worth of gear – no purchase necessary to win!

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