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He did, however, grow a third testicle while shredding inside the moon.

Gear Gods proudly premieres a guitar playthrough by the band's newest member, Rafael Trujillo.

Since exiting The Ocean (having played on the band's two finest albums, Pelagial and Heliocentric), guitarist Jonathan Nido and drummer Luc Hess

Learn how to cut loose with some proggy atmospherics!

Over a classic "So What" / "Impressions"-style chord movement.

New practice amp range also includes a handy, little, Bluetooth enabled 'Fly' amp.

Dean celebrates the big 4-0 with some deluxe versions of their favorite guitars,

Jeff shows you how Kiesel advance and ‘Vanquish’.

Plus some other high-end guitar and bass shred machines for fans of the fanned fret.

Guitarist Adrian Cappelletti makes it clear that he can riff the shit out of a fretboard on their new track.

‘The Console’ lets you choose up to 11 effects pedals and put them into the one box.