UNLEASH THE ARCHERS’ Brittney Slayes Guests on Writing A Song From RANDOM Drum Grooves

We’re in the middle of the high holy days, the 30-day celebration of METAL MONTH – Toontrack’s blitzkrieg of brutal new products for making metal songwriting better and easier than ever before. And that means it’s time for more episodes of my FAVORITE kind of video, Writing Songs From RANDOM Drum Grooves!


It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – I roll dice to determine things about the song, like the tempo, the key, and then most importantly – which Toontrack MIDI drum grooves will make up the backbone of the song. It means I go in with NO expectations of how the song is going to sound or how I’m going to write it – fresh as a daisy. It’s a little scary, but fun!

My guest on this one is none other than Unleash The Archers wailer Brittney Slayes, who absolutely crushed the vocal performance on this track, so big thanks to her for putting in the time to bring this track together.

The sounds in this video are courtesy of the new Modern Metal EZX from Will Putney for EZDrummer 2 and the Metal EBX expansion for EZBass, both new releases for this year’s Metal Month – and it’s not over yet! Stay tuned for more.

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