A Complete MOBILE Songwriting Rig (+LUNA Challenge and GIVEAWAY!)

On this episode of Let’s Write a Song, I turn my eyes on the LUNA Challenge issued by Universal Audio to test out their FREE (if you have one of their interfaces) recording software called LUNA. Also – I’m giving away an Apollo Solo interface to ONE lucky Gear Mortal – details in the video!


The rules are simple – the session must contain the following:

  • Minimum 60-second composition 
  • Minimum 2 tracks recorded w/ Unison processing
  • Minimum 1 instance of Moog Minimoog
  • Minimum 1 instance of Shape
  • Minimum 1 layered instrument instance of Shape (example: blend 4-instruments to make a new sound)
  • Minimum 1 instance of Ravel
  • Minimum 1 instance of Neve Summing
  • Minimum 1 instance of Multitrack Tape 
  • Share the music and production process on YouTube with “LUNA Challenge” included in title

So I took it upon myself to demonstrate not only the DAW itself, but also my complete mobile songwriting rig that I take with me to write and record songs when I travel. It consists of the following:

I used all this to write a pretty spicy little lofi hip hop guitar track that I’m pretty happy with! Watch the video above to see the whole process. Check out LUNA for yourself here.

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