Sometimes your goals at the start don’t really dictate where you end up. For example, Hartley Peavey’ originally wanted to be a guitarist, not an amp designer. But you have to do what you’re good at. By the same token you wouldn’t expect Peavey to be known first and foremost as a leader in amps for the metal community, given the company’s founder’s worship of Chuck Berry. Hell, even the amp that really earned them their reputation was the signature model for a hard rock guitarist, Eddie Van Halen.


Did they realize what they had at the time? I’d love to go back to 1950s Hartley Peavey and tell him that one of his amps would become the standard bearer for heavy metal because of bands like Carcass and Machine Head. Then again, maybe he had some inkling that his brand wasn’t going to rock very softly. Look at that logo he designed. Is that not a logo for a man with metal in his veins?

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