Vallenfyre Drummers Must Get Splinters From Playing This Hard

Are you hip to Vallenfyre yet? The band, a side-project of Paradise Lost guitarist Gregor Mackintosh, recently dropped their second record Splinters, thus staking a claim to the neverending Swedish-death-metal-recorded-by-Kurt-Ballou record of the year. It’s great – the band adds a real dark compositional touch and atmosphere to a sub-sub-genre that can often lean heavily on traditional thrash/punk-based tropes.


Vallenfyre’s drummer Waltteri Väyrynen (when I cover drummers, they have names like this) has some nice drum cam footage for the tune “Savages Arise.” Väyrynen didn’t play on the record, but he rips it in this performance, which also serves as a nice view into what it looks like when you’re drumming underneath a ridiculous amount of light cue changes:

Stream “Scabs” off Splinters below:

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