These Ziltoid 2 Drum Cams Are No Laughing Matter

Dudes nationwide blew a collective load in their Behold the Arctopus sweatpants yesterday when Devin Townsend dropped a Z2 trailer and announced a bunch of tour dates with Periphery and the Shining (on the heels of talking directly to them on reddit)


Immediately afterward, Ryan Van Poederooyen – we’ve been all over drummers with great last names this week – released his second drumcam preview video for the new Devin Townsend Project/Ziltoid double-album. This clip is dedicated entirely to Dark Matters, the Ziltoid-themed half of the albumsThe footage was shot during the sessions for both albums, which according to Van Poederooyen, were entirely tracked to tape in just two days. The sessions took place at Swinghouse Studios in Los Angeles, and were engineered by Van Poederooyen’s own brother, Jay Van Poederooyen. Yes, there are two Van Poederooyen’s walking the earth.

And in case you missed it, the DTP also dropped the only cool album trailer ever made for the new records:

Z2 arrives October 27th.

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  • Get a good drummer to record each and every track, then sample everything to shit to make it sound like programmed drums.

    • “I have done some home recording so I know all about drum production”

      • Good for you! I have done some pro studio recording, so I know something about drum production.

        • we’re glad you remain humble and don’t wish to show off your awesome work ;)

          • Lol

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