Time to Send You into the Weekend with 11 Minutes of Drum Soloing by Dave Lombardo

It’s been leading to this, all week. You’ve done everything that was asked of you, sweat more than just salt water. You gave it your all. You probably don’t deserve a raise, or love, because let’s face it you’re kind of a terrible person. But at the very least you’ve earned an 11 minute drum solo, courtesy of one Mr. David “Dave” Lombardo.


So here’s a montage of what looks to be the bulk of Dave’s performance from a clinic, captured by YouTube user “Gnagna Drum,” which I’m pretty sure was an enemy I fought in a Japanese RPG. There’s a story about individuality as a musician toward the back end of the video, but I was mostly just enjoying Dave’s performance on his new-ish Ludwig drumset (with fewer toms than he’s used when playing with Slayer), drinking copious amounts of liquor, and igniting large explosives in my living room to celebrate the birth of a nation.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

Source: Blabbermouth

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