Tempel Carve Down Doors, Black Metal Riffs, And Arizona Desertscapes

Are you guy’s hip to Tempel? I know you’re all thinking “oh great another two-man-band instrumental blackened prog project from Phoenix, Arizona” but let me stop you right fucking there. Because this shit… rips. Normally I have a tough time with this sort of instrumental music, but I’m pretty excited for Tempel (which consists of guitarist Ryan Wenzel and drummer Rich Corle)’s upcoming release on Prosthetic Records, The Moon Lit Our Path.


Tempel’s music has a bit more bite to it than most instrumental projects, but it also has a clarity and crispness that is mostly lacking from black metal. Get a taste of that, in our exclusive playthrough video for the track “Carvings in the Door,” below:

The Moon Lit Our Path drops on June 16. Pre-order it here.

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