Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Watch Billy Rymer and Matt Halpern Drum in A Boxing Ring

Hats off to the people at Evans for coming up with just, a great promotional idea. If we’ve got two new products, whose durability and smackability we want to put to the test, why not stick two of the heaviest, hardest in the game, Matt Halpern of Periphery and Billy Rymer of the Dillinger Escape Plan, inside a literal boxing ring, and have them go at it in a drum off?


Great work, adventure team. We like it. See below for the trailer, along with Rounds 1 and 2.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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  • Both great really great, but why evans didn’t bring heavy hitters like the ex Kataklysm Drummer,

  • Boring..

    • “two of the heaviest, hardest in the game” riiiight

  • Halpern got shat on.

    • It’s not a drummer vs drummer battle m8.

  • You know what this battle needs? Adam Jarvis from Misery Index.

    • what a weak drummer

    • garbage. Classic rookie assumption. Speed doesn’t mean skill. nubs.

    • It’s funny to notice how many extreme metal monters we have here. Saying that Adam is a “weak drummer”, u must be a monster. Abou speed-skill: try to play this, or something like this, just like him, hitting this hard. To play at this level u take years of rehearsal, practicing every day for hours. Dont be arrogant nor disconsider another drummers effort, just because u dont like the kind of music they play. thats all…

  • So fucking dramatic, Jesus.

  • Stupid author, this wasn’t a battle… just a jam fest.

    • Shut up dude your stupid

      • Just repeating what Matt Halpern himself said.

        Also you meant you’re, Tardus Maximus.

  • As exciting as any other thing taking place in a boxing ring, these days

  • You know what this battle needs? TIM YEUNG !!!!!!

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