SLAYER Played On Jimmy Fallon Last Night (A Few Observations)


Here are a few of my favorite things Jimmy said before and after this performance:

  • “…their iconic song ‘Raining Blood'”
  • “Music guest Slayer!”
  • “Thank you SO much”

Which also begs the question, what were my favorite things that he probably said to Jill Kargman during the performance:

  • Man this is a long intro.
  • Is this song instrumental?
  • When do the vocals come in?
  • That’s not Dave Lombardo.

Which further begs the question, what were my favorite things that Fallon’s younger-skewing audience said to their parents as they watched this:

  • Mommy, what’s this music?
  • Mommy, who are those old guys?
  • Mommy, Jimmy doesn’t really like this, right?
  • Mommy, can we watch James Corden?

In a year in which Taylor Swift is being carried out of her apartment in a suitcase, this may be the story to beat.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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  • Also, that performance was pretty well mixed, Gary Holt and Kerry King are really tight together, and Paul Bostaph is a machine.
    Not nearly enough pyro to be a proper Slayer performance though.

  • I’ll toss this on the table….
    Kerry and Tom could have brought in a couple of karaoke machine musicians from MI and it wouldn’t be the same. Ok I see a lot of bashing on Holt and Bostaph being in the band, I say its a great fit, they play with a passion I haven’t seen in Slayer in more than 10 years, yes we all miss Jeff.

  • they can still bring it.

  • I cant bitch about Lombardo not being in the band, Bostaph was their drummer when I first started listening to Slayer in the early 90s….but Slayer should have ended when Jeff died

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