Modern Renaissance Musician SEAN ASHE Compiles Live Playthough of “ABANDON”

So there are times when I watch or listen to a new artist, and, inspired by their level of competence and skill, I vow to work harder to achieve my goals. Then there are times when I watch a new artist, and, overcome by their level of talent, I want to drop my guitar and take the slow walk out to the center of the Pacific Ocean.
This is one of the latter times.
SEAN ASHE is the artist currently responsible for the debilitating blow to my ego. Manning lead guitar, drums, mixing, engineering, and video production, Ashe achieves a feat that would usually require a team of 10 people. But more than just accomplishing and completing a load of work, Ashe’s grace and style clearly attest that he has an understanding of music on an intuitive level.
Music is a much broader spectrum of skills than most people realize. Within each discipline, there are a myriad of skill sets to master. For example, if one is a musician, it’s crucial to determine what kind of musician. Do they play guitar? Drums? Bass? Piano? Are they classically trained? Improvisational Jazz based? Do they consider themselves an instrumentalist, meaning do they master the dexterity required to fluidly handle their instrument? Do they produce? And if so, do they specialize in recording? Mixing? Arrangement?
And the specifications go on ad infinitum, with each specification or class leading to a plethora of detailed skills needed to become a master in that class.
Ashe looks like a guitarist’s guitarist, a drummer’s drummer, he sounds like a mixing engineer’s mixing engineer. And I haven’t even touched on how the video frame composition is at a professional level. (And a post-script: the video is a LIVE playthrough). Ashe clearly knows what he’s doing and how to do it. This is speculation, but it’s most likely due to the winning combination of talent, knack, and love for his medium of art, and hard work and dedication to improving upon his work.
I’m really excited to follow Ashe’s career and see his growth through the future on an already incredibly awe-inspiring foundation of skills and talent. Check out his video for Abandon above, and check out his album Flux on Spotify and Google Play. Follow Ashe’s YouTube here, Instagram here, and his Facebook here.
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