NAMM 2015 – Amptweaker Pedals: Designed by the Man Behind Metal’s Most Ubiquitous Amp


The last time Gear Gods covered Amptweaker pedals, and its founder James Brown, I mentioned a simple reason that any high-gain afficianado should care about these distortion boxes: Brown was the man who designed the Peavey 5150 (which makes Van Halen’s quest for the perfect “Brown Sound” very literal).

But if your interest isn’t piqued by that very impressive bullet point on the Amptweaker resume, than I’ll just also point out that these are some great-sounding distortion pedals and the clean bypass-only effects loop is goddamn brilliant. Have a compressor or reverb that you only want to use when distortion is off? Or maybe you want to A/B between two different gain pedals with a single button press? Every distortion pedal should have this feature, seriously.



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