Mesa Boogie’s reeeally been making a splash in the guitar world with their announcement of the brand new Triple Crown 50. In this short clip, Monuments’s John Browne demonstrates what the rackmount version sounds like in a mix. To put it simply, it sounds fucking phenomenal. You can hear it for yourself below:


As he mentions in the video, this is all amp, party people. No noise gates, no compression, no nada. Just straight-up TC-50 into a Two Notes Torpedo Studio with only a tad of EQ’ing in post. I don’t know about you, but I think this thing sounds absolutely sick. I haven’t actually wanted an amp for quite a while, and this thing’s gettin’ me goin’ again. If you’d like to hear a demo with a bit less processing, Fluff did a great job of running through the sounds you can get out of this thing, too.

In addition to its incredible sound, the TC-50 comes with a whole slew of features, like a bias switch that allows you to swap tube types virtually on the fly, and a dummy load with a headphone out for tracking or practicing without a cab. It also comes as a combo, a head, or a rackmount head. Sweet.

Sure, John Browne has godly hands and always sounds good, but he’s definitely making me want to try this thing for myself.

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