MESA/BOOGIE Launches New Triple Crown TC-50 Amp

Well, what do we have here? A brand new amp from Mesa/Boogie – the Triple Crown 50! When I first saw that this amp was coming out, I was not all that excited for it until I started watching the video. This amp is super versatile! It can do everything from blues to djent. So yes, it can and does djent. The TC-50 has 3-channels (each channel has 2 modes), is 50 watts, can be powered by EL-34s, 6L6s or 6V6s. It comes stock with EL-34s but the TC-50 has a bias switch that lets you change out the tubes very easily. It has built in reverb, MIDI, and Mesa’s own cab clone.  It also comes in head, combo AND rackmount form. Good job on Mesa for including rackmount form, something you don’t really see these days. Time to check out the video with a wide variety of players in it!


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