Fluff Talks with Devin Townsend About Evertune

Ryan Bruce, AKA Fluff, is one of our very favorite YouTube gear reviewers (who doesn’t work for us), mostly because he really puts his gear through the paces, and partially because he’s a mad nice and knowledgeable dude, but also because he gives some really impartial and realistic reviews. I also feel a certain kinship being a fellow bearded gear reviewer.


On the topic of Evertune, however, he is not impartial, because he is employed by them. That’s okay: everybody needs a day job, and his is way cooler than most. I imagine one of the best parts of the job is the perks, such as, I dunno, hanging out with Devin Townsend while he gushes about how much he loves Evertune:

He did a good job of keeping his cool around Hevy Devy and his Framus monster Ziltoid V, which for me would have been difficult (sometimes I fangirl out hard). Devin talks about his use of the Evertune live and in the studio, and the three “zones” of the bridge and how to use them for different applications.

I want one real bad. Check out the Gear Gods review of the Evertune here.

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