Ever Wondered How a .strandberg* Works?

Ola Strandberg, of the Astral EXR Systems company, is one of the most forward-thinking and original guitar designers in the world today. His innovative, headless guitar designs are played by the likes of Paul Masvidal (Cynic, Death), Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders), Chris Letchford (Scale the Summit), and many other cutting-edge progressive musicians. He offers made-to-measure one-of-a-kind instruments as well as production signature models such as the Masvidalien, the CL-7, and the Boden.


But with a long waiting list and the (warranted) high price tag associated with such masterful instruments, actually getting your hands on one to try is as unlikely as Michael Bolton performing songs from his hair metal albums (please? oh pretty pretty please??!?!). So as someone who is really curious to understand how the headless guitar system works (Can you do alternate tunings? How do you TUNE the thing? Do you need special strings?) I found the following video FASCINATING. As an added bonus, hear Ola explain all these things in his awesome Swedish accent. Not to mention all that sweet HD guitar porn!

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