HATE ETERNAL’s Erik Rutan Shares His Pre-Show Ritual

The guys over at Digital Tour Bus recently caught up with Erik Rutan from Hate Eternal/Mana Recording Studios. They asked him what he gets up to before a set. His answer will shock you!


Nah not really. There’s no secret sauce, just some good old fashioned warm ups and stretching. And if that works for Erik, who is playing a show worth of hellish Hate Eternal trem-shred, it’ll sure as heck work for you too. So, chuck that wussy Deep Heat and pour out that 5-Hour Energy crap. It’s for the weak.

If you want more, check out this sick rig rundown DTB did with Erik earlier in the year.

And if you’re a Euro, you can catch Hate Eternal touring with Vader next month! Dates on their Facebook page.

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