DAVE DAVIDSON of REVOCATION Teaches Whammy Bar Tricks

Revocation‘s Dave Davidson is back with the final installment of “Thrash Course.” This time, he teaches us how to add color to our playing using a tremolo system. Dave Dave runs through several figures that utilize whammy bar technique, including chord passages and single-note lead lines. He’s a beast of a player and a theory wizard, so soak up as much knowledge as you can muster! Let Dave Dave help you get the most out of that whammy bar.


If you dig what Dave does and wanna up your guitar game, you can find a slew of additional lessons here. You should also make a point to check out Revocation if you haven’t already. They’ve got a few dates lined up on the east coast later this month before hitting Australia and New Zealand in February.

If you don’t have a tremolo-equipped guitar, are you considering getting one now? Personally, I haven’t always been a fan–mostly because of the extra effort it takes to change strings and whatnot. I’m lazy, shoot me. But with dudes like Dave Davidson and Scott Carstairs in the game, they’ve never sounded so sick. Who knows, maybe I’ll be unblocking my beater Ibanez’s trem soon. Or, you know, I’ll rationalize buying a whole new guitar just for its trem. Yep, that seems more likely.

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  • So, I think we need to discuss what is considered at “trick.” This is called using your fucking tremolo bar. Sorry, but that’s the lamest excuse for a “lesson” I’ve ever seen. Did you know the trem bar raises and lowers the pitch of your note? Lesson over, boom.

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