AARON MARSHALL Of INTERVALS Talks Mad Gear In This Rig Rundown

For those who are already aware of prog-guitar virtuoso Aaron Marshall and his band Intervals, you know how SICK and TIGHT he is as a player. For those unaware, listen here you little shit: Aaron is a TONE GOD and an absolute riff machine. In this latest Rig Rundown, Aaron demonstrates his knowledge on all things tone and gear while walking us through his live setup. It is 1000% clear that this guy did his homework, so be sure to take notes and study up what he has to say.


I personally love his custom Mayones prototype guitar made from 3 different kinds of woods and carbon fiber. That puppy has Bare Knuckle Pickups slapped into it as well. Watch the video to see all the other cool stuff in Aaron’s rig. When you’re done, check out his Twitter and Instagram for more sexy content.

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