INTERVALS: Are You Responsible Enough for This Exclusive Playthrough of “Impulsively Responsible” by AARON MARSHALL?


Christmas is coming early this year, as Toronto-based instrumentalist Aaron Marshall, AKA Intervals, is releasing his 3rd full-length record The Way Forward on December 1st. In celebration as the days draw closer and closer, he has just released a brand-new guitar playthrough for the second track “Impulsively Responsible” off the new record! Shot and edited by the talented Randy Edwards and featuring a beautiful Aristides 060 guitar, you know this is gonna rock your day.

This is the second of two playthroughs Aaron has released so far; the first one being the tune “Touch and Go”, which you can peep here. Aligning itself perfectly with the rest of the Intervals catalog of songs, “Impulsively Responsible” takes the listener on an intense ride of ups and downs, all while remaining focused on solid song structure and licks. But make no mistake, the track is riddled with ear-wormy, hooky melodies that you’ll be humming subconsciously for the rest of the day. And to top it off, it’s got just the right amount of slick chords and syncopation to add that perfect amount of sass and sizzle. What more could you ask for?

Pre-order your physical copy of The Way Forward on the Intervals’ website (orders for US/Canada/UK/Australia), and the digital version on Bandcamp and iTunes. The dudes are currently out on the road for the Europe Tour 2017 with Polyphia and Nick Johnston, so if you like guitars and guitar playing, this is your tour. All the dates and deets can be found on their tour page. There’s also a North American tour being announced pretty soon, so keep your eyes and ears looking forward.

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  • What I like most about this is the fact that he´s playing a six string with a sweet tone and not 17 string djent diarrhea

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