Tosin Abasi of ANIMALS AS LEADERS to Launch Guitar Company in 2018


I don’t need to tell you who Tosin Abasi is. You should know who he is. Tosin has had the honor of having many signature guitars in his career. So many, in fact, he figured “Why not make my own?” And so it was. Last week Abasi posted this photo:

to his social media, saying that the launch of Abasi Guitars is coming sometime in 2018. If you go to the website, all that is there is a video of someone filing a guitar neck, and a submission form to get on the waitlist. From the looks of things, the design of the guitars will probably be similar to his most recent signature from Ibanez, which is great if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m sure they’ll be just terrific. I’ll stick to guitars that look like guitars, though.

More news as it comes.

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