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Back in the USA for the first time in more than a decade!

We chatted with Ro about the Australian music scene, his tone philosophy, and whether IBTS will ever be a full-on

We don't know yet who built the ground, but we now know how to play "Perlucidus". With tabs!

Between the new album and the new signature guitar and me.

Interval with Interviews guitarist. No wait

Plus new signature Seymour Duncan "Alpha" and "Omega" pickups. I wonder which one's which

"The only sensation I could imagine being similar would be getting slapped in the face by a beautiful women in

PRS joins the lunchbox revolution. The low watt, high gain revolution? The mini-amp revolution? We're still working on the title.

Who are you Waring? Oh, this old thing? It's a Paul Reed Smith.

I'm sure they'll let you jam on their gear whenever you want. After all, what's Thine is yours.

Including the rare and elusive "Stradivarius," which is like the.. um, Strada

PRS's new amplifier gets quite the tone.

Opeth's sonic palette has shifted again on their new record, albeit more subtly.

Although any guitar, build quality aside, should be kept in a room with low humidity. You don't want it to