PRS Guitars Announces New Signature Series Strings to Complement Classic Series Line

Paul Reed Smith Guitars have just announced a new addition to their Classic Series Line of guitars: the Signature Series Strings! The Signature Series Strings offer premium features, including a new, proprietary alloy to complement the Classic Series strings, which have been used on PRS guitars since day one.


The PRS Signature Series Strings are made from nickel-plated steel with a hex-shaped, high-carbon steel core. They feature a proprietary, reformulated alloy that provides greater magnetic property for louder, brighter tone and soldered ends that extend string life and help the guitar stay in tune. Pretty sick stuff, if you ask us!

The PRS Signature Series Strings come in the following gauges:

  • 09-42
  • 9.5-44
  • 10-46
  • 10-52
  • 11-49
  • 11-49 with a wound G-string
  • 12-52

About the new series, David Settimi, PRS Guitars Accessories Product Manager had this to say:

“Over a year in the making, our new Signature Strings are good enough to please even the most discriminating of guitarists and our Classic strings continue to provide the consistency you have come to expect from PRS since 1985. We couldn’t be more pleased to take this step further into the string world.”

You can learn more about the PRS Signature Series Strings here.

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