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Mic shootouts and positioning galore!

It's not the worst place to hide a coke mirror.

Glenn finds something he actually likes.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night - that's pretty brutal if you ask me.

MXL celebrates their 20th anniversary with some stylish new looks.

Potentially the most important step.

Wood you branch out and stick this in your studio, or wood you leaf it where it is?

Can't stop, won't stop - but if you wanna stop by, March 20-23, Orlando.

Somewhat more popular than their competitors, "Cold Audio".

I was working in the KeyLab late one night

Fire, Water, Air - all they're missing is Earth and the (less popular) Heart and they could have a Captain

IK has some new mobile stuff for 2015, both iPhone and Android.

Here's how Skynet will transmit instructions to you.

But don't worry, the EQP-WA keeps the vintage blue color intact.