NAMM 2015 – Black Lion Audio’s Sometimes Expensive, Sometimes Affordable, Always Desirable Pro Audio Gear


You know, as a member of the press it’s generally a good idea to not be biased about these gear companies (especially since if they don’t make amps then there’s no bias control… hey-o!), but it’s hard not to cheer for the constantly snowballing success of Black Lion Audio. They’re kind of the hometown heroes of the home recording community. Black Lion got its start mainly by modding existing gear – I myself still regularly use a Black Lion-modded Digi 002 recording interface and I love it – but as business kept funneling in the company has gradually moved on to focus on its own designs.

At this year’s NAMM booth we got a tour of the preamps, mixers, converts, and more that were on display. The newest addition is a revised Micro Clock, the MK3, which has a sampling rate that goes all the way up to 384 kHz. Jesus, slow down guys. I’m still tracking at 24-bit / 48 kHz. Then again I have a 6-year-old Core2Duo as my main PC. But anyway, no word on a price for the Micro Clock MK3 yet, but the MK2 version sells for $599.

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