NAMM 2015 – Ultimate Ears 3D Ear Scanning Is More Future Than I Can Handle

Ultimate Ears Pro is a company that makes custom in-ear monitors and earplugs from molds of your ears.


I’m sorry, let me try that again. Ultimate Ears Pro are mad scientists who have figured out a way to scan your inner ear using technology stolen from Skynet in the future, and then 3D prints them out after sending the scans over the internet to the mainframe. Where we’re all just hanging in little pods as power sources to their techno-empire.

No longer will you have your ears filled with pink goop by an attractive audiologist to get a mold made. You can, instead have this futureman stick a laser gun into your ear and create a 3D computer imprint of it like a bat in a cave using echolocation.

They debuted this technology at NAMM this year, and we had Gear Gods contributing writer Alex be our brave little guinea pig for this new technology:

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