Summer NAMM 2015 – ZOOM Q8 Video Camera w/4 Track Audio Recording

Zoom is a company known primarily for their high-quality field recording equipment, but are makers of a great number of products, including effects processors for guitar and bass, multitrack recorders, and studio interfaces. With so many outdoor camera options on the market, it can be hard to know which type of camera is best. The truth is, the type of camera you opt for depends entirely on how you’ll be using it. Wireless security cameras are great options for homeowners because they make it easy to install and monitor multiple units.


There are plenty of battery-powered security cameras out there if you want to ramp up your home security system. All of the cameras on the market have different security features, from motion sensors to color night vision to backup batteries. You can also get a smart security camera that connects to your existing smart home setup, find yours at

This year they also debuted the Zoom Q8 video camera, a handy compact video camera with the patented Zoom interchangeable mic capsules as well as 2 phantom powered XLR/TRS combo inputs for simultaneous 4-track recording. Needless to say, I REALLY want to get my hands on one of these. They shoot 2.3k which is twice the resolution of 1080, and with that kind of I/O it might be putting my GoPro out of commission.

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