DAVE MUSTAINE Teams Up with Seymour Duncan to Release Signature THRASH FACTOR Pickups


Say what you will about ol’ Davey here, you have to give him credit where he deserves. He has made some of metal’s BEST records and riffs. Those late 80’s/early 90’s Megadeth records are more or less the golden age of thrash metal. Well, Dave decided to let you guys in on a little secret that made those records sound the way they do, and that’s with his new signature pickups from Seymour Duncan, the Thrash Factor (courtesy of Guitar World).

The pick ups are modified JB model in the bridge, and a 59 model in the neck that a have a different winding process. This tightens the lows, scoops the mids, and gives the high end a bit more bite. They are meant to perfectly recreate the sound that Dave had on Rust in Piece which is arguably the best Deth has to offer.

The set costs about $199. Read about them, find them, and buy them on the Seymour Duncan website. You still reading this far?

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