ROBERT BAKER Played 1 Guitar Through 8 Different Amps – Which Is Your Favorite?


Robert Baker spent some time kickin’ it with Henning Pauly at his studio and figured it was high time to make the follow-up to “10 Guitars, 1 Amp.” So, he picked eight of Henning’s incredible amps and played through each of them on a single guitar. When in Rome, right?

For this shootout, he took a look at Carl Martin, Revv, Diezel, Vox, Orange, Victory, Joyo, and Jet City, taking care to play through the various channels of each amp for a well-rounded overview. Shootouts really don’t get much better than this, folks. It’s also cool to see some variety in the form of a Vox AC-30 thrown in the mix.

As tough as it is to choose from a collection like this, which was your favorite? While you’re pondering that, check out Robert’s channel for more like this!

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