RIGGED: CIRCLE OF DUST Personal Studio Tour

In this special edition of Rigged, Circle of Dust producer Klayton shows us some of the tools he uses to create industrial metal in a tour of his personal studio. As you may or may not remember, Circle of Dust was an industrial project formed in the early ‘90s that Klayton has recently revived for the first time since 1998. In more recent years, Klayton has been most recognized for his “hybrid electronic-rock-orchestral-sound design playground,” Celldweller, and a successful YouTube channel under the same moniker.


Klayton briefly goes over an un-mastered session of the track “Humanarchy” from the forthcoming Circle of Dust album, Machines of Our Disgrace. He then talks gear and plug-ins, including producer Joey Sturgis’s Toneforge “Menace” amp sim that he used on the guitars:

Klayton has an impressive array of studio equipment and the necessary production chops to go with it all. His extensive modular set-up straight up confuses me and gives me anxiety, but then again, I’m not the veteran producer here. He’s even rocking a Line 6 Variax and some other inexpensive workhorse guitars that get the job done. I do love me an outrageously expensive custom piece, but you certainly don’t need them to create.

Catch Circle of Dust on Facebook for more info on Machines of Our Disgrace, due out December 9th.


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