Bill Kelliher Did a Gear Q&A with Lace Pickups Last Night


Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher participated in what was essentially an “Ask Me Anything” on Lace Pickups’ Facebook page last night (incidentally, that’s the first time I’ve seen a Facebook page used in that manner). And since you have to be pretty into gear to nerd out about pickups, Mastofans did a good job prying some gear info out of him. Here’s what we learned:

        He doesn’t know any theory.

        He’s not a fan of Rick Rubin because the famous bearded producer doesn’t spend any time in the studio with the bands he records.

        Recording sessions for the new Mastodon album begin in November, and it will hopefully be completed by the new year.

        He usually plays Marshall or Friedman amps (he currently uses a Friedman BE 100) but he also digs the Orange Thunderverb.

        His new custom Lace Pickup, the Dissonant Aggressor, will be similar to Lace Pickups’ existing Nitro Hemi (which is currently in his guitars), but with a bit less gain.

        He plays D’Addario strings, 11-52 or 54 gauge.

        If he could recreate a guitar tone from his record collection, it would be the one from Neurosis’ Times Of Grace (do it man, call up Albini..)

        Bill’s computer apparently has a substandard mouse.

If you want to take a look at the entire thread head over to Lace Pickups’ Facebook page (you have to go to the “posts from others” section and find Bill’s post).

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