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In March of last year, I was lucky enough to be one of the first (if not the first) to review the Kiesel Guitars Vader headless guitar. It was a spectacular guitar, and I had a great time playing it, but I remember thinking even then that I wish they made a multiscale version as well. I like a 27 inch scale just fine (like the Vader I reviewed had), but when I can have something a bit more ideal for string tension across the board, I’m a happy guy.

So when Kiesel announced preorders for the Vader Multiscale a little over a year later, I was pretty excited. I’ve reviewed many Kiesel guitars over the past two years and have yet to be disappointed, but this one was way up my alley. I was hoping to review the seven string version, but when the six string showed up, I decided to take the opportunity to use it tuning I don’t normally get to use (C standard), and resurrect the oldest demo song in my repertoire.

The reason I felt this was a good opportunity to tune so low is that the scale length on the VM6 is a whopping 26.5-25.5″, which is the perfect length for such an endeavor. 26.5″ is a good length for a 7 string guitar, much less a low tuned 6, so it handled the C tuning extremely well. It came to me in E standard tuning, which was pretty tight and very bright sounding, I think you have to put very light strings on it to make it work in that tuning, unless you like your strings a bit stiff.

As with every Kiesel I’ve reviewed, it came set up with extremely low, fast action like I like, and the finish and overall presentation were flawless. The top was straight up gorgeous, a quilted maple piece with a deep black cherry finish that you just want to eat. This was probably fairly pricy guitar, but every Kiesel plays as good as the next – they’re all made in the same factory, by the same people, so any higher price you pay will be for premium features, not build quality.

The Vader forearm contour is the most extreme of all the Kiesel models, and although that’s not saying a whole lot, it’s still VERY appreciated (those who watch my reviews hear me bitch about forearm contours a lot).  I hope they upgrade every Kiesel line to include forearm contours of this magnitude.

This is easily the best multiscale guitar I’ve played to date, and I’ve played a lot. Although I don’t typically tune down far enough to justify getting a six string version, the seven string model is calling my name with its 27-25.5″ scale (the 8 string has a 27.5-26″ fan, also real ideal). I rate this guitar a Shut Up And Take My Money!

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  • You say it’s the best multiscale you’ve every played… what do you like about it above and beyond the Aries multiscale?

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