IK MULTIMEDIA iLoud Micro Monitors – The Gear Gods Review

IK Multimedia is a company dedicated to creating simple products that are solutions to basic production problems. Generally speaking, they make music creation tools for mobile devices, so you can make music wherever you go. Today I’m taking a close look at (and listen to) their newest product, the iLoud Micro Monitors.


If you only read this far into the review, you can leave knowing the most important fact about them – the name pretty much says it all. These monitors are tiny, and incredibly fucking loud. Honestly, I am not a mix engineer, so I can’t say for sure if that’s really a useful trait for studio monitors – most of the engineers I know mix and master at pretty nominal volumes. But these aren’t just for mixing on – they’re for music creation and listening as well. For those kinds of purposes, it’s really useful to have a ton of power in reserve – and the iLoud Micro Monitors have power to spare. To this same end, there is a Flat/Desk switch in the back that allows you to pick your purpose, a flat reference monitor for accurate monitoring or typical everyday music listening. Also included are 3db high and low shelves to tune the monitors more closely to the room.

For having very little surface area to work with, there are a surprisingly large number of connection options. 1/8″ jack, RCA jacks, and Bluetooth are all ways to get sound into the iLoud from your source. This makes it easy to listen from your device just as easily as your desktop or laptop. Having that kind of flexibility is very important in a mobile-focused studio, because you never know what kind of situation you’ll find yourself in.

A/B-ing the iLouds against my Event Tuned Reference 8XLs, the iLouds seem a bit less full and a touch more midrange-focused, but not prohibitively so by any means. For the price and size, they are, as Darth Vader so eloquently put, “most impressive”.

So if you’re looking for a reasonably priced set of monitors for your mobile studio, or even just some really good, loud af monitors for your home music listening, the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors should be on your list for sure. You can pick them up here for $299.

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