POMEGRANATE TIGER – Exclusive Premier of “Cyclic” Guitar Playthrough

So, I have been a bit confused about Canada’s Pomegranate Tiger – and I might not be the only one. In fact, I may have caused some further confusion about the band back in December of last year when I wrote about Martin Andres switching from guitar to drums in the band, no small feat for these incredibly technical compositions.


But as it turns out, that wasn’t really an issue for Martin – because, as it turns out, he plays ALL the instruments on Pomegranate’s recordings. So it’s not that they’re not a band – they’ve toured with Protest the Hero, and it was more than just Martin onstage – but in the studio, they’re a solo project.

So as a pairing to last week’s drum playthrough of Cyclic by Martin, today we’re premiering this guitar playthrough of Cyclic, also starring Martin. It’s from their forthcoming album Boundlesswhich you can (and should) pre-order here. Hope you’re wearing your head diaper, because you’re about to shit your mind pants.

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