Pomegranate Tiger Lead Guitarist Becomes Pomegranate Tiger Drummer

There are many species in the animal kingdom that are hermaphroditic – that is, they can actually change sex at will. They can just up and decide that they want to be a new gender, and voila – instant, all natural sex change.


I’m pretty sure Martin Andres of Canadian instrumental prog shred band Pomegranate Tiger was born, and remains, a dude, but he is apparently a musical hermaphrodite, capable of playing both guitar and drums with far above-average skill and focus. Yesterday they announced that he would in fact be stepping back several feet from where he usually stands playing guitar and have a seat at the drumset for the band henceforth.

I know there are a lot of mulit-instrumentalists in metal – Tobias Schuler from Fuck You and Die plays many different kinds of instruments exceedingly well in this rad video, Navene Koperweis (ex-Animals as Leaders drummer) plays all the instruments for his band Fleshwrought, and of course Decrepit Birth drummer and professional madman Samus Paulicelli plays guitar almost as well as he drums (and farts at the same time).

But bloody hell – how do you dedicate that much time to music THAT difficult on one instrument and then totally just switch to another, equally difficult instrument and play the same songs? Un fucking real. I mean, sure, I’ve done stuff like that if a drummer is needed – for like, classic rock covers!

Not THIS shit right here:

How the hell do people master more than one instrument? I’ve spent a lifetime on one and I’m still not even close. CYBORG

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